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Chelsea also offers customizable private theatre lessons! Contact her for details and rates, and she will design a class specifically for you, your children, or the whole family!

Need academic help? Preparing for an upcoming standardized test? Chelsea tutors in almost all academic subjects and four different standardized tests (SAT, ACT, SSAT, and ISEE). Contact her today!

Reviews and Testimonials:

"[I'm] happy with my scores...99th [percentile] on reading, 91 on quantitative reasoning, and a 98 on mathematics achievement. Thank you so much for helping me prepare!!" --Caroline J., 8th Grade Student


"The reading was a big improvement from where she started...Thank you for making studying more fun for C.!" --Liza M., Parent of 1st Grader


"You were her favorite teacher by far!" --Kathryn H., Parent of 8th Grader


"She is finding your sessions very useful and helpful...Thank you again for working with A. and helping her to feel comfortable when communicating with you" --Adrienne B., Parent of 10th Grader


"Outstanding. We do appreciate the efforts and look forward to the additional time. A. seems to really enjoy working with you" --Robert B., Parent of 10th Grader


"S. was definitely glad it seemed easier and he was more prepared than he felt on the practice. We appreciate your work with him." --Kristi B., Parent of 8th Grader

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