"One person that truly stands out as a star is Chelsea Cylinder who plays Luciana, the dimwitted sister of Adriana.  Her presence on stage makes the show that much funnier and more entertaining.  She has excellent comedic timing as well as an immense amount of personality that shows through on stage." 

“[Chelsea] was a delightful Rosemary Pilkington in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, showing an emotional range that demonstrated a clear understanding of her character’s place in every one of her scenes in the show” 

“Chief among [Chelsea’s] attributes are her finely tuned acting skills, her pleasing distinct character voice…She is truly one of the finest actresses I have seen at the University of Pennsylvania…She is equally at home in comedy and drama. She provides nuances into each character that she portrays in a way that is not frequently seen in undergraduate level work. Finally, she engenders sympathy from the audience for even some of the most unlikable characters (ex. Florence in Chess) easily getting us to invest in every character she portrays.”

"Chelsea Cylinder's Luciana comes to mind as one of the best performances of the evening. With an incredibly apparent understanding of her character's role within the show, Cylinder's performance was outstanding. She found the comedy in every one of her lines and communicated that comedy expertly throughout her performance."

"You were my favorite" --Young Child after seeing Peter Pan

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